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“ Murder at Café Noir”

The World’s First Interactive Feature Film Wins Awards in Film Festivals

A Murder To Go Production
of a David Landau Film

MURDER AT CAFE NOIR , the world’s first interactive feature film, based on the award winning, most popular comedy mystery dinner theater play in the US, has been named the winner of the “Emerging Filmmaker Award” at the 2005 Atlantic City Film Festival and was a “Feature Film Winner“at the Telluride IndieFest after previewing as the “Featured Selection” at the 2004 Freedom Film Festival in Chestnut Hill, Pa. and screening at the 2004 University Film & Video Association Conference in Toledo, Ohio. Produced by Murder To Go, the internationally acclaimed originator of the interactive mystery, “Murder at Café Noir” was shot on High Definition video and has been authored onto DVD utilizing a revolutionary new system called “Throughlines technology. “Throughlines” allows the audience, via handheld keypads, to select which scene of the movie will be shown next by voting at different points within the story. There are over 20 different possible ways to watch the film.

“Emerging Filmmaker Award” – Atlantic City Film Festival, 2005

"The-first 'interactive' film at Telluride IndieFest, and the audience loved the participation (in which direction the film would go)!

A unique concept that works, with great production value and acting! A BIG hit at this year's event!" 

- Michael Carr, Director: Telluride IndieFest 2004

“One of the pleasures of this film is its wit. Landau is a good writer. Sometimes this is visual: the film, which is shot in color, turns black and white whenever the characters (and we) step inside Café Noir. Often the wit is verbal: the quick repartee of antagonists, or the sarcasm of women who always know much more than their men.” – Michelle Citron, UFVA Conference Respondent 2004

“Murder at Cafe Noir” is an off-beat mystery homage to the Bogart movies, but also a genuine mystery which breaks the “fourth wall”. The film takes full advantage of DVD capabilities and challenges the audience to solve the crime. Disenchanted Private Eye Rick Archer, hired to find a blackmailing femme fatale, finds himself on a forgotten tropical island and at the mysterious Cafe Noir, a place where the dishonest can be honest about it and where everyone and everything seems to have fallen out of a 1940s movie, including the color. It is here that he finally finds a place where he truly belongs. Guided by Rick’s ex-girl Friday, the audience decides where Rick goes next and who to question.

Static & Motion, is the developer of Throughlines interactive technology and has joined in a partnership with Murder To Go (MTG) Productions, a pioneer in the creation of interactive theater, to produce interactive films. Their first release is "Murder at Café Noir," produced in association with MTG Productions.

“Throughlines technology adds a new dimension to interactive theater," stated Mr. Landau, "because large audiences can work together to choose the course of action taken by the characters, and ultimately to solve the mystery. Combining compelling storytelling with Throughlines technology enhances the movie experience for audiences of all ages."

"The mystery format of ‘Murder at Café Noir’ is a fun way to maximize the power of our interactive technology for live audiences," stated Nils Huehnergarth, president of Static & Motion. "I expect this unique presentation to become a popular entertainment choice for the general public as well as corporate clientele seeking a new option that challenges critical thinking, fosters teambuilding, and transcends typical on-site entertainment."

“Murder at Cafe Noir” continues to be the most widely produced mystery dinner theater play in the country, with over 5,000 performances in over fifty cities attended by over 500,000 people. Since 1989 when the show first opened in Boston, there hasn’t been a single weekend when “Murder at Cafe Noir” wasn’t performed within the US. It won the Orange Coast Magazine award for Best Dinner Theater in 1991 and has been published by Samuel French. It has been so popular that the play has generated two widely successful sequels.

Producer/Director David Landau adapted the screenplay version from his own play. A member of the Dramatists Guild and the Mystery Writers of America, Mr. Landau has been writing, producing and directing theater since 1982 when he created Murder To Go Productions, the world’s first interactive theater company. Mr. Landau received the Blackburn Award for Excellence in Playwriting for his romantic comedy "Deep Six Holiday" which has been produced in regional theaters and has been optioned as a screenplay by Allegra Films. His supernatural comedy feature “Séance” won first place in Niad Management’s “Hollywood Screenwriter” contest, his TV series proposal “Murder To Go” won first place in the People’s Pilot Competition and has been optioned by Pendle View Productions.

MURDER TO GO PRODUCTIONS recently expanded from theatrical entertainment to include interactive video with the completion of “Stab in the Dark” - written and directed by David Landau and produced by Matt Clarke. “Stab” is an interactive DVD mystery game/video, produced in association with ClarkeCom, Inc.

For more information, or to become a exhibition partner contact Murder To Go Productions at (973) 301-0121
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