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Team-building outline
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The solving of a mystery requires one to think beyond the status quo. It demands that one not be satisfied with the standard, but to think creatively - to pursue dubious leads - to find answers to yet unasked questions. To solve a mystery, one must become, in fact, a World Class Thinker. While the solving of a crime may not directly relate to one's business goal, unless one is a detective, the mental process utilized in achieving the goal of discovering "whodunit" does. It reinforces creative thinking, logical reasoning and information processing while allowing participants to experience group dynamics and teamwork.

Your attendees will arrive for a team building session with the motivational guest speaker Thelma Crowley, author of "Magick for the Self" and other life and business reaffirming texts. But the lecture never begins, because instead of Thelma Crowley the police arrive, revealing that Thelma Crowley is dead, her body found inside a trunk, locked from the inside, the murder weapon locked inside with her. The police want an explanation - a seemingly impossible goal. But nothing is impossible, as this day of total involvement will demonstrate.

After a swearing in of your attendees by the detective, utilizing puns off industry terminology and company jargon, your group is divided into investigative teams. Each team will receive a case portfolio which includes an investigation work sheet. The teams will be awarded points for every question they answer correctly and lose points for every incorrect answer. The teams must conduct a thorough investigation and come up with a complete scenario, supported by evidence, as to "whodunit", how and why.

The teams will have the opportunity to examine the deceased's room, survey the scene of the crime, conduct ballistic tests, do fingerprint analysis, collect autopsy reports and question the suspects, which include an escape artist, a mentalist, a spirit medium, a psychic researcher, a children's magician and a fortuneteller.

At a given time (when refreshments may be offered) all teams will report back to the main meeting room where a theatrical scene will transpire at which another murder might occur forcing each team to re-evaluate their information and theories and investigate further

Press conferences will be held, including one given by the chief investigating police officer. By the end of the day, each team must submit their team work sheets that includes their final deductions. During the final denouement, the detective will present his findings during which all is explained, the guilty arrested after a humorous stunt/fight scene and awards given to the team with the highest points.

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