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Mini-Murder for groups 12 - 50

The solving of a mystery requires one to think beyond the status quo. It demands that one not be satisfied with the standard, but to think creatively - to pursue dubious leads - to find answers to yet unasked questions. To solve a mystery one must be, in fact, a world class thinker. While the solving of a crime may not directly relate to one’s business goal, unless one is a detective, the mental process utilized in achieving the goal of discovering “whodunit” does. It reinforces creative thinking, logical reasoning and information processing.

"Murder by Long Distance" is a custom written mystery event utilizing six guests as suspects and three actors. The mystery is written around the company's services or products and some "illegal" doings of some of the guests. Guests are divided into teams to solve the crime. Between each course of the meal the Detective leads the teams in questioning the suspects. Only the guilty suspect knows who they are, and thus needs to divert suspicion by implicating others. The other suspects must clear themselves by striving to discover "whodunit" along with the deputy detectives. By dessert, each team must hand in "Whodunit" and why. After all sleuth sheets are collected (one per team), the arrest warrant is read, the guilty party handcuffed and the winning team awarded prizes.

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