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A fun and unique team building event that is designed to foster team dynamics, collective reasoning, communication skills and creative thinking.

The schedule guest speaker is Sir Wallace Burgess, the famed archeologist and explorer to speak about the team work that uncovered the new and most exciting discovering in the Peruvian jungles in decades - the temple of J&J. But when Sir Burgess is introduced, a gun battle ensues between Baron DeFalcon and Virginia Jones. After a humorous short vignette making jokes with company jargon, the Baron escapes with a part of a journal, declaring that he will find the Falcon of J&J first. Virginia Jones reveals that Sir Burgess has been murdered and that the supposedly cursed Falcon of J&J, which he took from the temple, is missing. Virginia asks for everyone's cooperation.

First, she divides everyone into expeditions whose goal is to;
1) collect all the pages of Sir Burgess' journal,
2) decipher all of Sir Burgess's puzzles thus discovering the hiding place of the missing falcon, and
3) through data collecting, information processing and collective reasoning - identify the murderer of Sir Wallace Burgess.

To aid teams in achieving their goal, each receives an expedition kit which includes a portion of the journal, $500 collateral and an expedition work sheet. For every correct answer to a question posed on the worksheet, the team will receive ten points. But for every incorrect answer the team will lose five points. In other words, don't guess. There will be prizes awarded to the members of the team with the highest point total.

Each page of the journal will lead the teams to a location around the Burgess estate. At each of these locations teams may discover clues to the murder or suspects to question. In order to receive the next page of the journal and continue on their way, teams will be challenged to successfully complete a function, such as deciphering one of Sir Burgess's riddles or completing a team exercise. Once all the pages are collected, the final clue as to where Wallace hid the Falcon will undoubtedly be revealed.

As the teams work to complete their quest they will also come across clues to Sir Burgess' murder - the scene of the crime, fingerprint reports, autopsy reports, etc.

At a given time, all expeditions must return and hand in their completed worksheets to Virginia Jones. A thrilling finale explains it all and prizes are awarded to the winning team.

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