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Send your attendees into the TV show "CSI" as they become crime scene
investigators and work as teams to solve a crime. “Clue by Clue” sweeps
guests into the fun exciting atmosphere of a living mystery game.

This mystery theme event provides a frame work for the party, allowing guests to play as they wish and providing unique forms of entertainment and interaction. Upon arrival, guests receive a crime dossier which includes a "How-to-play" sheet, "Whodunit" ballot, two hundred dollars in bribe money and pencil upon arrival.

As guests arrive they discover the body outline of the deceased Lord
Benington, the evenings host, and are greeted by the famed Inspector
Clurrot. After all are present and cocktails consumed, Inspector Clurrot reveals the tragic circumstances of the hosts death and deputizes one and all to help solve the case. He then declares, “The game is afoot!” and the festivities begin.

Inspector Clurrot encourages guests to solve the crime by questioning
the six suspects, and bribing them for clues. They include Capt. Hastings, with his aboriginal blow-dart gun, Madam Blavansky, Lord B’s spiritual advisor, Drake Dante, the American escape artist who can escape from virtually anything, Eva Prone, the deceased's fiancee who asks guests to help her practice for her up-coming duel with chauffeur turned poet Marcelo Bello.

At the end of the evening, after all Sleuth Sheets have been collected,
Inspector Clurrot will perform his humorous denouement, wherein the
clues explained, the innocent cleared and the guilty apprehended. A drawing from all the correctly answered submissions will determine the
winner of the evenings prize.

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