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Send your attendees into the TV show "CSI" as they become crime scene investigators and work as teams to solve a crime. The Maltese Falcon Hunt is a fun and challenging team building event for groups from 30 to 200. Utilizing professional actors trained in interactive theater and with high dedication to thorough detail, this interactive mystery helps attendees fine tune their communication skills while practicing information processing and experiencing group dynamics. The unique element about this exercise is that the attendees become so involved in the excitement of solving the case that they don’t even realize the educational value of the event they are participating in. Here is how it all begins.

Rick Marlow, a private detective guest speaker, is introduced to the guests. But during his speech on customer service and team work, he is interrupted by a "femme fatale" going by the name of Ms. Wonderly. Wonderly was to meet a man by the name of Floyd Thursby here to retrieve a certain item - a statue of a black bird. But neither Thursby nor the falcon seem to be present. With a smile and a few hundred dollar bills she convinces Marlow to find her statue in a scene that incorporates industry humor and inside jokes.

Marlow decides that this is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate teamwork and consumer service. He divides the guests into investigative teams. Each is given $500 retainer fee (for bribe money), photos of likely suspects, a copy of a letter from Thursby, PI Licenses and investigation sheets. Before sending them off on their mission, Rick deputizes the crowd with a short motivational speech laden with puns off company terminology.

After inventing their own agency name and slogan, the teams set off to complete their goal. They will have to search out the suspects and the scenes-of-the-crime to uncover the clues. One character may force the team to play blackjack, another may request that they pose for a portrait and a third may demand that they sing and dance before revealing important information. All will be more helpful when bribed. In order to gain a copy of the autopsy report, teams will even have to assist the Assistant Coroner in a demonstration of post-mortem diagnosis.

At a given time, the teams will re-convene to “up-date” their client. They will hand in to the detective their investigative work sheet answering the questions "whodunit", "Where-is-it" and "Why-is-it-valuable". A thrilling and humorous fight scene finale will reveal the killer. Prizes are then awarded to the members of the team that handed in the first correct answer.

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