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Mingling with the guests at cocktails are various suspicious characters such as a Femme Fatal, a PI in a trench coat, an insane graphic artist, etc. When John Smith, a new advertising manager or marketing consultant, reveals the most ridiculous new program, he is interrupted several times by the suspicious characters. Company jargon and inside jokes fill the script to make insults and threatening innuendoes. After the first course gunshots ring out and Mr. Smith staggers in, slumping into the Detectives arms and uttering,"It was E--E --".

The Detective now interrogates the audience, asking who's throwing this party and making company jokes. Guests answer the questions and point out the suspects. Puns off company products, advertising slogans and jokes on well known company personnel spice the dialogue. Once the Detective has asked a few questions of each suspect, she deputizes the audience to work as table teams to solve the crime. During the courses of dinner the suspects move from table to table, implicating each other and answering questions. Police reports are handed out and more theatrical scenes with custom humor are performed between the courses, revealing more clues.

Once dessert, coffee and tea have been served, each table's sleuth sheets will be collected. Then the Detective will begin the denouement. The finale humorously explains the clues and narrows down who the culprit must be. There is a thrilling stunt/fight scene that climaxes with a humorous ending.

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