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Send your attendees into the TV show "CSI" as they become crime scene investigators and work as teams to solve a crime. There was “Titanic - The Musical” and “Titanic - the Movie”. But the real killer is “Titanic - the Mystery!”

Your guests have been invited to an exclusive pre-premier party of Hollywood‘s most talked about new TV show “Titanic - the series“. The rumor mill has been working overtime with stories of backstage back stabbing, illicit affairs and artistic troubles - nothing unusual in any business these days. While everyone knows that working on a new project and getting it ready for a launch can be murder - this project proves it! For once everyone has arrived, not only is it announced that the long anticipated series will not air as scheduled, but that one of the series leads - daytime soap opera legend Barry Williams - has just been murdered! Is “Titanic” the series sunk before it even sails?

After a humorous introduction from the Detective, everyone is deputized to work as DITs - deputy investigative teams - to solve the case. Each team is given a case portfolio which has inside badges, a slush fund of $500 to be used to bribe the suspects and a “Sleuth” sheet. Now it is up to the table teams to question the suspects, examine the scene-of-the-crime and get an autopsy from the detective as they race to solve “Whodunit!“.

This is a new fun and involving mystery party that pokes fun at the famous movie and entertainment industry as your guests rub elbows with the near famous and soon to be infamous!

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