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Licenses & Royalties
All scripts are licensed on a per performance basis. All materials are fully copyrighted and protected under the law. Thus no changes, alterations, deletions or additions may be made without expressed written consent of the authors.

MTG Inc. is the sole and exclusive licensing agent for all the following scripts. Licenses can not be sold, transferred, donated or exchanged. All licenses are non-exclusive and limited to a specfic location and time period.

All contracts conform to the standards already established in the theater community by the Dramatists Guild Inc.

Author names must appear in all programs, publicity and advertising materials.

Perusal scripts cost $9.95 per copy and all payments must be made in advance.
Script royalty fees are $75 per performance. An advance royalty payment of $100 is due upon signing of all contracts. Future royalties are due within ten days after the end of the performance month.
Audio tapes are supplied after the signing of a contract at an additional cost of $10 to cover expenses. These audio tapes include both vocal and instrumental versions of the songs from the show. Lead sheets are provided in the script.
Original art work for the paper props utilized in each show are provided after the signing of the contract.
MTG Inc. can also supply producers with prop guns, holsters, blanks, handcuffs, badges, daggers and various hard to locate props required by our scripts. Costs vary with the going market price.

MTG Inc. also offers business consultations on how to operate a dinner theater business including advertising, ticket procedures, negotiations with locations and actors, etc.

For more information on these services contact MTG Inc. at (973) 301-0121 or write us at:

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